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All about Pasteurization in Sake Making Process

Try Raw Sake! We know that Japanese like raw things, such as raw fish, raw beef, raw eggs, etc. —-As well as r […]
sake tasting

Get Experience of Local Sake Event

Summer is around the Corner We have been having warm days as May. Summer is almost there and it’s a grea […]

Must Try in Summer – Sparkling Sake

Summer is coming! Spring has passed away as the falling of sakura cherry blossoms, beautiful but short. As the […]
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Explore Nature Side Kyoto and Sake Event

See What Kyoto has to Offer! However, City of Kyoto has lots of places to visit, have you visited other part o […]

Events You cannot Miss in Kyoto May 2019

Kyoto in May May is a good month to visit Kyoto in terms of mild climate and many sunny days. So the city will […]

Ultimate Sake Tasting Notes-2-

We have wrote articles about sake tasting tips and notes and hope you enjoy reading them! This time we would l […]
sake tasting

New Movie about World of Sake!

If you say sake makers, touji, you may imagine mostly an elderly men. Recently, however, not only men but also […]
fushimi kyoto canal

Get on Canal Boat in Fushimi

Fusihi Kyoto, an Old Castle Town Fushimi is blessed with water and currently known as the nation’s leadi […]

Kyoto Sakura Season Events April 2019

Kyoto in Sakura Season In Kyoto, you can enjoy sightseeing all year round. However among the four seasons, the […]

Check Out When to See Sakura in Kyoto

Sakura Season is Coming! As we wrote an article before, Japanese people have our own way of enjoying cherry bl […]

Try a New Way of Drinking Sake

Buying a Cup of Sake in convenience stores You can buy a cup of sake at the convenience stores anywhere. You w […]
sake tasting

Ultimate Sake Tasting Notes-1-

Try Local Sake from Fushimi Kyoto Kyoto Fushimi District is the second largest sake producing area in Japan.   […]