Get on Sake Train this Winter/Spring!

Contents Did you knowSake Train by Oumi RailwayEvent DetailsMaking a Reservation and Other Things to Note Did you know there is such a thing like ‘sake train’ in Japan? Here we’d like to introduce great sake event in Shiga prefecture, where only 35-45 min train ride from Kyoto Station. Sake Train by Oumi Railway Oumi railway in Shiga prefecture has an event “Oumi’s local sake train“. in winter/early spring.  At this event, you can try sake of11 different brands. Also they prepare some otsumami (snacks) prepare such as oden (Japanese hotchpotch) and small local dishes while you enjoy the ride. This train will start at Hikone Station or Oumi-Hachiman Station … Continue reading Get on Sake Train this Winter/Spring!