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What You will Experience

What's Special - Advanced Sake Tasting with an Expert

Advanced Sake Tasting covers sake brewed with a very different concept than the ones introduced in the basic sake tours.
Sake you will taste in this experience is unique and exceptional: ones brewed using ancient methods that are different from modern methods, a new type of sake that utilizes the characteristics of microorganisms and sake that is brewed using local wood, giving it a taste unique to the region. By tasting these types of sake, you will be fascinated by the profundity of sake and the possibilities of how different tastes can be created by the sake making process.

Before You Book Advanced Sake Tasting Experience

This tasting experience can be enjoyed by anyone, however, some parts and vocabulary may be unfamiliar to those without a basic knowledge of sake (such as rice polishing ratio and primer).
(The tasting will not cover rice polishing ratio, primary and secondary categories, or the basic production process).

To fully enjoy this experience, you may want to join 3-Hour Sake Tasting + Brewery Tour or 1.5-Hour Sake Tasting Experience in advance or check out the online classes Basic Sake 101 and Sake Making Process for the online class.

What You Will Discover in This Experience

sake tasting
  • The production method that does not require a lot of rice polishing, but rather utilizes the vitality of the rice for sake
  • Sake brewed with various types of koji
  • Sake brewed using modern methods
  • Sake brewed with traditional or ancient methods
  • Sake matured with wood, which has a strong connection to Japanese culture.
  • Sake brewed with sake itself as an ingredient.

After Taking This Experience, You will​..

  • Uncover the trends of sake that are not well known abroad.
  • Deepen your understanding of the role of koji, an important ingredient in sake.
  • Gain a better understanding of the sake production process.
  • A deeper understanding of the process of sake production.
  • Understand how sake is related to the trees that grow on the land where the sake is made
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This Experience is for ...

  • Sake lovers who want to enjoy unique sake and sake that is not usually available outside of Japan.
  • Those who have a basic understanding of sake and would like to gain more in-depth knowledge.
  • Those who want to find out more about sake trends.
  • Those who want to learn more about moto (yeast)
  • Those who want to understand more about koji.
  • Those who want to get to know more about sake aged in wooden casks.
  • Private courses for companies and groups are also available. Please contact us.


〒612-8365 Kyōto-fu, Kyōto-shi, Fushimi-ku, Kurumamachi, 271-1

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● Access

  • 25 min from JR Kyoto Station :  Take a train on Kintetsu Line to Momoyamagoryo-Mae Station. Walk for 9 min from the station.
  • 20 min from Gion-Shijo Station : Take a train on Keihan Line to Chushojima Station. Walk for 7 min from the station.
  • 20 min from Fushimi-Inari Station
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