About Fushimi Sake District

Where is Fushimi Sake District?

Fushimi Sake District is located in the south of Kyoto City. (See location on Google Maps) Fushimi is famous for its thriving sake industry, beautiful canal and historical sites. Fushimi would appeal to those visitors who have already seen the “sights” and wish to explore a little deeper into a quieter, less crowded, neighborhood Kyoto. It’s easily accessible from both Kyoto station and Gion Kyoto city center. It’s a great place just to get lost without following a map among historic Japanese street far from crowds.

Feel local people’s real lives in Fushimi, Kyoto
Learn the history of Fushimi as a river port and what the secrets behind sake from Fushimi
Easy access from both Kyoto station (10-15 min) and Gion city center (15-20 min)

fushimi kyoto canal

Our Recommendations!

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Model Course in Fushimi Sake District