Opening of 4 Sake Breweries in Fushimi 2020

Opening of 4 Sake brewery in Fushimi 2020

The sake breweries of the Yamamoto Honke, Toyosawa Honten, Tsurumasa Sake Brewery, and Heiwa Sake Brewery in Fushimi, will be held on the site of the FushimiSake Cooperative Association. You will be able to taste freshly squeezed fresh sake and limited ones, as well as specialty products such as Kyoto vegetables, pickles, sake buns, and small sake bags. Freshly squeezed sake and limited type of sake on the day are 300 yen each (100 yen special tray).

Event Details
Opening of 4 Sake brewery in Fushimi 2020酒蔵開き【伏見銘酒協同組合】
Date:23 and 24 February 2020 / Time : 11:00~15:00
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Small Tip when visiting Brewery

The koji mold that saccharifies the steamed rice required for sake brewing is a delicate bacterium that is defeated by the strong bacteria contained in natto. Therefore, it is said that brewers do not eat natto during the sake brewing period. In addition, please refrain from eating yogurt, mandarin orange, perfume, pickles on the day of the brewery visit.

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