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Visitors staying over in Kyoto may wonder what to do at night as most of tourists spots like temples closes in the evening. Here is something unique for you. Kyoto has many cozy and hidden sake bars with different styles. We will introduce some of them and hope you enjoy exploring local sake bars.

Sake Bar Wadachi

A bar that is near Gion-Shijo, and the place is busy with not only the domestic tourists but also tourists from overseas. The bar is small and has a chic interior. They have small table seats, counter seats and standing & drinking area. They display sake bottles and a chart on the wall showing what kind of sake they are to help better understanding of the flavor of sake.

English menu is available. One drink is about 500 yen, which is very reasonable considering its location is in Gion District. There’s lots of dishes that matches to sake. Also you can have a regular dishes and seasonal dishes.
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Masuya Saketen

This popular and trendy sake bar can be reached within 4 min walk from Hankyu-Kawaramachi station. As soon as you enter the bar you’ll notice the different kinds of sake bottles are displayed all over the black wall in the bar. They are always ready to serve more than 20 high-quality sake from different locations in Japan.

Staff is happy to help you choosing a bottle and how you drink it too. The smallest amount you can order is an half glass (90ml / hango) and you can choose you want to drink it cold or hot. If you are not sure, the best way is follow what friendly staff tells you!

All of their small dishes match the sake so well. The kitchen is always ready to serve Kyoto’s specialties as well. Again, ask for ‘osusume’ (recommendation to get locals favourite). Food there is more like tapas so trying different kinds of dishes with different kind of sakes is the way it is in this bar.
Masuya Saketen
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There’s a newly opened their second branch – 3 min walk from Karasuma station.


A cozy little bar in the Karasuma area can be found within 5 min walk from the station. It’s a hidden sake bar and inside is very classic style.
You can easily pass by the entrance without noticing since it’s a ‘hidden’ place though it can be so busy especially weekends. You’ll see lots of sake bottles behind the counter. Do not hesitate to ask a master for the recommendation, he’ll tell you best sake to drink!

All the dishes on the menu are made with the consideration for food pairing. One dish is about 500 yen so you’ll enjoy trying the various food of good matching with sake. Do not miss Takahashi’s speciality, handmade soba. This soba is freshly made at this place so you’ll definitely enjoy it!
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If you want to deepen your knowledge about sake, why don’t you join our sake tasting tour,”Kyoto Insider Sake Experience“. You will definitely have an idea what exactly you are drinking and also be able to choose your favourite sake at the end of tour!


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