We are the only sake tour company based in Kyoto Fushimi Sake District. Good and strong relationship with local breweries and insiders allow us to provide you deeper sake experience. Meet our local sake experts in the tour – we invite you to dive deep into the world of sake!

Through our expert – lead tasting session you’ll get the chance to learn the unique characteristics of different varieties of sake and what food to pair with. After joining Kyoto Insider Sake Experience, you will discover which type you most prefer and how to identify your favorites on menus and bottle labels. Joining our sake tour is surely a great introduction to your sake experience.

Our Tours

3-Hour Sake Tasting +Brewery Tour

  • 3 Hours
  • ¥ 9900 per person
  • Insider Sake Brewery Tour
  • 10 kinds of sake tasting
  • Food Pairing

1.5-Hour Sake Tasting Experience

sake tasting
  • 1.5 Hours
  • ¥7900 per person
  • 7 kinds of sake tasting
  • Food Pairing

Advanced Sake Tasting Experience

sake tasting
  • 1.5〜2 Hours
  • ¥7900 per person
  • 8 kinds of unique (special) sake tasting

Online Sake Course

Online Sake Classes are designed to meet the interests of all sake lovers, whether you are a sake beginner, a sake enthusiast or a wine, beer or whisky lover. We invite you to explore the deep world of sake through our online sake classes. We hope that sake fans all over the world will discover the way to enjoy great sake!

basic sake 101

[NO.1] Basic Sake 101

Sake Making Process

[NO.2] Sake Making Process

Advanced Class of Special Methods to Brew Sake

[NO.3] Advanced Class of Special Methods to Brew Sake

Advanced Class of Microorganism & Fermentation

[NO.4] Advanced Class of Microorganism & Fermentation

Advanced Class of Sake Renaissance

[NO.5] Advanced Class of Sake Renaissance

Our Online Sake Course is..

  • Held on Zoom
  • Can be joined wherever you are
  • 60 minutes each
  • ¥4000 – ¥5500 per screen

What You Will Experience

Insider Sake Brewery Tour in Kyoto

Take a tour with us and you will:
-Discover the history of sake and the Fushimi Sake District of Kyoto whilst touring a traditional brewery

-Come to understand the differences in flavour and smell and how these are produced. You’ll focus on the secret methods of sake brewing which have been passed down for generations

-Get the chance to compare the differences between Western wine and beer production and sake brewing, to understand what makes the sake brewing process so unique

Sake Tasting with an Expert

Through our expert-lead tasting session you’ll get the chance to learn the unique characteristics of different varieties of sake. Also discover which type you most prefer and how to identify your favourites on menus and bottle labels.

Our expert will help you notice the difference in taste between ‘junmai’ sake (which has no added alcohol or sugar) and alcohol-added sake. We’ll also explain the effects of polishing rice on scent and flavour.

Pure sake, refined sake, cloudy sake, aged sake – we’ll help you discover the distinguishing characteristics of each type.

Food Pairing

Discover the way the taste of sake can completely change when paired with different dishes. We hope that the food pairing section of our tour will also allow you to find a little about Japan’s food culture, as well as sake.

Reviews by Our Guests

  • star rating  Learned so much and loved trying all the sake! The tour guide was great, the museum was very cool, and the pairings at the end were my favorite part. I... read more

    avatar thumb ninam111902

    star rating  The best Sake Tour - Best tour in Kyoto, Japan. Our guide Rieko was superb. So knowledgeable, pleasant, and easy to understand. We know so much more about Sake, especially the Sake that suits our... read more


    star rating  Amazing experience, must try for anyone visiting kyoto - Tour guide was a very experienced and helpful guide to both the history and tasting of sake. I'd highly recommend this tour to anyone looking to learn more about sake... read more

  • star rating  The guide was extremely knowledgeable, and gave a really clear outline of the different types of sakes. We tried seven different types, and tested them against a small selection of... read more

    avatar thumb Cazzie2223

    star rating  A wonderful sake experience. - I was introduced to sake recently and wanted to learn more about sake. I am so glad that I signed up for this Sake experience, and I learnt more from... read more


    star rating  Kotaro was a great guide and teacher for me and my wife. We really enjoyed the entire experience and learned so much that we will host a sake tasting with... read more

    avatar thumb Ehwang21
  • star rating  The best sake tour - The in depth tour that was provided was above my expectations. The tour included all levels of production, history, tasting. Along with sake tasting and food pairing comparison. If... read more

    avatar thumb jakew1891

    star rating  A fantastic tour for sake lovers or novices! - I love sake, it’s fair to say that I drink far more sake than the average American and came in with a good basic understanding of the craft and varieties... read more

    avatar thumb Tbrillhart1

    star rating  This tour far exceeded my expectations. Kotaro was an excellent guide and he gave a thorough explanation of the saké making process and characteristics. We enjoyed the tasting... read more

    avatar thumb Hrc3747
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