【NO.2】Sake Making Process

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Book【NO.2】Sake Making Process

Online Class Details

What You Will Discover in This Class

  • Rice Polishing
  • Washing and Soaking of Rice
  • Steaming of Rice
  • Cooling of Rice
  • What is Koji?
  • Koji Making
  • Moto Making 
  • About Yeast
  • Preparing Fermentation Mash 
  • What is Multiple Parallel Fermentation?
  • Regular Fermentation and Ginjo Fermentation
  • Brief Introduction of Post-Fermentation Processes of Sake

After Taking This Class, You will​..

  • Learn everything from the preparation of raw materials, fermentation, and the post-fermentation process to bottling.
  • Discover how sake is made through a complex process and how very different it is from wine and beer making.
  • In the second half of the class, we will show you how to use your knowledge of Ginjo Fermentation and the Secondary Categories, which have a major impact on the flavor of sake. You will gain the knowledge to decipher sake labels and predict flavors.

This Class is for ..

  • Those who love sake and want to learn about sake brewing.
  • Those who want to get more knowledge about sake before traveling to Japan.
  • Wine, beer and whisky lovers who also want to learn the sake production process.
  • Professionals in the hospitality industry who would like to learn the sake production process.
  • For in-house training in the hospitality industry
  • Private courses for companies and groups are also available. Please contact us.
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