Arashiyama – Where to go during Autumn leaves season in Kyoto

When in Kyoto in autumn, Arashiyama is a must go place. Here we introduce our recommended fun activities in Arashiyama!

Sagano Romantic Train & Hozu-gawa River Rafting

There’s a trolley train that starts at JR Saga-Arashiyama station, called “Sagano Romantic Train” This trolly train is a train that runs along the Hozu-gawa river between Saga Torokko station to Torokko Kameoka station. All seats should be reserved in this train station.

During the ride, you can see the beautiful view of the mountains and the valley. In the autumn leaves season, the autumn leaves will be illuminated. The train runs slowly (bicycle speed) therefore you won’t miss this beautiful sight. It will be a 25 min. ride to Kameoka station.

To return to Arashiyama, you can take the same train. However if you are interest in other way, there’s a Hozu-gawa river boat ride to return to Arashiyama. It will be a 90min – 120min ride. The ride will be little bit thrilling and fun. And the sight of the colorful mountains from the river is also beautiful!

《Sagano Romantic Train》
Saga Torokko station will be next to Jr line/Saga-Arashiyama
March 1 – December 29
Middle of October – Around early December

*Please check the official website for the time table and other information.

Adult(over 12 years old):620yen
Child(under 12 years old):310yen
《Hozu-gawa River rafting》
8min walk from Kameoka Torokko station.
(There will be a bus from Kameoka Torokko station.(10-15 min ride))

*Please check the official website for the time table and other information*

Child(4-12years old):2,700yen

Why don’t you visit the beautiful sight in Kyoto after our sake brewery visit and sake tasting tour, “Kyoto Insider Sake Experience“!


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