Where to go during Autumn in Kyoto

Kyoto is beautiful especially in autumn – You may think it’s not easy to pick temples to visit as there are about 1700 temples in Kyoto (!!). Here we introduce some temples that have beautiful night time illumination during autumn leave season.

Kodaij Temple

Koudaij was established in 1606 by Nene in memory of he late husband Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Hideyoshi was a Shogun of Fushimi-castle, when Fishimi was the capital for a short time. Hideyoshi and Nene fell in love each other and got married without being arranged by someone like their parents. This was very rare in Japan at that time. Therefore if you visit Kodaiji, you might feel the gentle atmosphere.

The illumination in Kodaiji is one of the popular autumn features in Kyoto. In the middle of the large stroll garden, there’s a pond called “Garyou-ike”. Over this pond, there’s a corridor named”Garyurou”. This corridor is called”Garyurou” because it looks like a dragon bowing down.

In autumn, they illuminate this garden with beautiful lights. You will be amazed to see the the beautiful sight of the red and yellow autumn leaves and the corridor reflected in the pond.
Also there will be projection mapping shown in the front garden”Hashintei”. Somehow you would feel the temple and garden with full of history and the modern technology is the best combination!

Please check official website before your visit for the latest information.

Kodaiji Temple
526 Shimogawara-cho Kodaijji, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto,Japan
Access – From Hankyu line/Kawaramachi station
or Keihan line/Gio-Shijo station
→ Bus … Get off at “Higashiyama Yasui” (a 5minute walk)

Opening Hour
9:00-17:00 (Gates close at 17:30. Last entry will be 17:00)
October 19,2018 ~ December 9,2018 sunset – 22:00


Adults … 600yen
Joint ticket(Koudaiji + Eitokuin) … 900yen
*Elementary students and younger children are free, but be accompanied by a guardian.

Tofukuji Temple

Toufukuji in Kyoto was founded by Kujo Michiie in 1255. It took 19 years to build this temple.

In autumn you can see the best sight of Tofukuji.
Within the grounds of Toufukuji, there’s a valley called “Sengyokukan”. All around this Sengyokukan, Japanese maple called “Tusten maple trees” are planted. Tusten maple’s leaves turn into golden color in autumn and it is certainly beautiful. 

Over the Sengyokukyou valley, there are “Tsuten-kyo”bridge and “Gaun-kyo”bridge. From these bridges in Tofukuji, you can see the beautiful sight of red and golden leaves. Here is one of the most popular places to visit and see autumn leaves in Kyoto. Recommended to go as early as they are open in the morning in order to avoid crowds.

15 Honmachi Higashiyama-ku Kyoto,Japan

・10 min. walk from JR Nara line/Tougukuji station or Keihan line/Toufukuji station.
・From bus – Get off at “Touhukuji”

Opening Hour
8:30-16:00(Novemer-Early December)
*No night time illumination at Tofukuji main temple

Adults(over high school student) – 400yen
Children – 300yen


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