What’s Special about our Sake Tour?

Now is one of the Best Seasons to Visit Kyoto!

Hi everyone, thank you for visiting our page! Here is another tour report of Kyoto Insider Sake Experience!

Autumn is the great season to visit Kyoto. The weather is stable (except when we have typhoon!) and the temperature is not too high like summer. (In summer it could get over 35 degrees!). On this day, we welcomed the groups from India, Germany, France and Switzerland. One of the guests has been working at the winery in her country and shared the story what it is like. She told us it would be good to learn what sake and wine have in common in terms of making process.

Well, she picked the right tour to do so – our tours are focused on learning all the basics of sake as well as tasting varieties of sake 🙂 It is always honer to hear from our guests that they like our tour a lot! We know sometimes it is difficult to find the activity that you really want to experience as you never know what it’s like until you actually join it.

What’s Special about our Sake Tour?

All sake tastings you get in Kyoto Insider Sake Experience are carefully selected to help better understanding when learning sake. Through our expert-lead tasting session you’ll get the chance to learn the unique characteristics of different varieties of sake. Also discover which type you most prefer and how to identify your favourites on menus and bottle labels.You will get a ‘cheatsheet’ in the tour, which helps you to remember what you learn and to buy a bottle at the sake shop on your own.
At the brewery visit, you can go in to production area of Gekkeikan, the largest sake producing company in Kyoto. Although the area isn’t opened for everyone, you can go in there if you are with us. (There is a possibility of skipping production area when it’s too crowded with tourists in the brewery of Gekkeikan (月桂冠). )



If you have an interest in sake tour, or in order to enjoy your trip in Japan more, come and join our tour Kyoto Insider Sake Experience. You will have a chance to taste local sake in Kyoto and learn all the basics of sake to find your favourite bottle. If you have any food allergies or preference we can arrange alternative snacks for food pairing based on your requests! Vegetarian and vegan options are available.
Send us a message if you have any questions about the tour 🙂

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Our Sake Tour Reviews

  •   We really enjoyed the sake tasting. In particular, the information you get is very interesting and practical. It is even more fun to practice your new 'sake'knowledge the next days by ordering specific types of sake in Japanese restaurants. The only downside of the 1.5...More

    thumb 470michielr
  •   I was searching for a way to discover more about sake, how it was made, the different tastes and how to do proper food pairing, and this tour actually answered all my questions. Our guides Kotaro and Asahi was really nice and answered all the...More

    thumb marcwT1503FM
  •   We really enjoyed the Insider Sake Experience. The tour guides were excellent. The story behind Sake was fascinating. The pairing with food and the understanding of how to identify the various Sake options was also excellent. Would highly recommend this tour if you are in...More

    thumb BrisbaneSmiley
  •   Definitely worth it! This was a great way to get to know more about Sake and find the type that you like! We had a great guide called Kotaro who knew a lot and was great with all our questions!

    thumb 41gabrielan
  •   I reserved the tasting for my family as a Christmas present for my dad. We had a great time and the sake was delicious! Asahi was very informative and friendly. I would recommend :)

    thumb Mailelm
  •   Had an amazing time at the sake tasting. Kotaro was a great guide and walked us through everything. Highly recommend!

    thumb ZacharyM634
  •   Had a informative session with our guides Marika and Asahi. Highly recommended if you are interested in finding out more about sake!

    thumb yingster8080
  •   Had fun with our guides Marika and Asahi! Even though the weather was slightly less than ideal, our guides made it fun! Highly recommended if you wish to find out more about sake!

    thumb Ying8080
  •   While the tasting was very good with a knowledgeable guide, the brewery and sake museum part of the tour was a rip-off. Trip advisor should have known that all the breweries and the museum was closed on the date of our tour. All we saw...More

    thumb Rico4747
  •   I highly recommend this experience!! You wouldn't be able to learn everything yourself... The staff is super nice and friendly! :)

    thumb MelAcevedo

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