How Do you Pick Sake You Like?


Hi everyone, here is another tour report of Kyoto Insider Sake Experience!

We have been holding matches of Rugby world cup in Japan. It’s great to have lots of rugby fans from all over the world. Even though Kyoto is not the location for the match, it’s great that we see many rugby fans visit here as well. If you have some extra time in Kyoto, just pop in to Fushimi area. You’ll find your preferred sake because there are about 30 sake breweries in Fushimi district.


Today, also we welcomed guests from Melborune on our 1.5 hour sake tour.

Our 1.5 hour sake tour is focused on sake tasting. You learn all the basics about different varieties of sake while tasting 7 kinds. The guide would explain the differences in taste – dry, sweet, rich, fruity – and how each of these are produced. Various Otsumami – Japanese snacks which traditionally accompany alcohol – are served as well. So you can see which types of food and flavor best accompany the different sake types.


While you taste sake, we explain about those categories and characteristics. At the end of the tour, you will know what your favorite sake type is.


If you have an interest in sake tour, or in order to enjoy your trip in Japan more, come and join our tour Kyoto Insider Sake Experience. You will have a chance to taste local sake in Kyoto and learn all the basics of sake to find your favourite bottle. Send us a message if you have any questions about the tour 🙂


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