Health Benefits of Sake – Intestinal Flora and Amazake


Amazake Improves Intestinal Flora and Excessive Drinking Worsens It

In a previous article, we explained the intestinal benefits of koji amazake and how it improves intestinal flora.

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Oligosaccharides such as isomalto-oligosaccharide and dietary fiber contained in koji amazake increase the number of good bacteria such as bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria.

As these bacteria clean up the intestines, the number of bad bacteria also decreases, which has the effect of improving the intestinal flora. Recent studies have shown that this intestinal flora has a great effect on beauty, health and the prevention of lifestyle-related diseases.

On the other hand, excessive drinking has been shown to worsen the intestinal environment. In addition, continuing to drink alcohol while your intestinal flora is in a state of disarray can have negative effects, such as making it harder to digest alcohol, increasing the risk of colon cancer and further increasing the burden on the liver.

If You Drink Alcohol, Drink Amazake the Next Morning.

This is why we as a sake tour operator recommends the koji lifestyle. First of all, we recommend choosing sake as your daily drink.
Sake is made by adding yeast to koji amazake and fermenting it with alcohol. I could be said koji amazake and sake are considered to be like ‘family’.

In fact, sake (especially pure rice wine) also contains isomaltooligosaccharides. Not only that, but sake is also richer in amino acids, organic acids, and other healthful ingredients derived from fermentation by koji and yeast than distilled spirits and other alcoholic beverages.
Also, although many people are concerned about the sugar content of sake, it actually has the effect of moderating the rise in blood sugar levels.

It is recommended to have a moderate amount of good sake for dinner and koji amazake for breakfast. For amazake, drink brown rice amazake, which is rich in dietary fiber if possible, to regulate the intestinal flora.
Maintaining a healthy intestinal environment is important not only for boosting immunity, but also for metabolizing alcohol.

The health benefits of traditional Japanese fermented foods such as amazake, sake, mirin (cooking sake), and miso (soybean past) are amazing!
We will continue to share more information about the original Japanese “koji lifestyle” that actively incorporates the power of koji into daily life.

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